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Jewish speed dating detroit

The only ones who were reluctant to acknowledge how many wonderful things they had in their lives were people close to suicide.

Being suicidal, by the way, comes from obsessive focus on what is lacking in one's life. It's wonderful to want new things, but you also have to take pleasure in the present moment.

Everyone's mood suddenly perks up and they're all smiles.

The ice cream does the trick –- it got them to forget their worries and focus on the goodness of life.

If only a few of them or even none, then you're saying, "My happiness depends on getting X, Y and Z." I certainly hope you get them. Want I want you to see is that you already have many wonderful blessings. These are some of the things people commonly put on their lists: I have hands I have feet I have eyes I have ears My parents are alive One of my parents is alive I am alive I have children I have a good friend I own my house I love my wife or husband My wife or husband loves me I learn something new every day I know how to read and write I live in America, Canada, etc. Which of your two lists do you think has better things on it? So if people already have a list of incredible blessings and are grumpy and dissatisfied, why should they believe that they would be happy if they had more things?

I am relatively sane Now you have two lists: List A: The things you think you need in order to be happy. For example, let's say in List A you put one million dollars (or one billion if you're really ambitious). Which would you rather have –- eyes or one million dollars? You might be surprised to hear that I've even had people with terrible problems acknowledge the pricelessness of their blessings.

Looking at a flower, seeing a friend walking toward you, enjoying something you're eating –- all of these are moments of happiness.

People often ask me whether they should write down their happy moments and look at the list every day. Happiness is an attitude of noticing the good constantly coming our way.

I'm going to give you an assignment, which I really encourage you to do. Make a list of 25 things you think you need in order to be totally happy.

In order for soul to lift us into awareness and inspiration, it's got to have fuel. If we would just live in the "now" and not think about the future, they say, life would be bliss. People think lots about the future and they should. " "All I ever did was take photographs," he said."I got three albums out of it, but I barely relaxed for a moment." That's what you call living in the future.

Some of the spiritual gurus advise people to live only in the present.

One million dollars One billion dollars A six-month cruise around the world To be President of the United States A Porsche The perfect marriage To be famous To have my own TV show Healthy children Parents that get along A mansion My own private jet You've got to admit, this is some basket of goodies. You're certainly not going to be happy about the things you don't have.

Happiness is when you walk outside on a beautiful summer day, look around and suddenly feel a rush of pleasure.

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Or when you come home from work and your child runs to greet you at the door.