Jonas and slena gomez dating

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The alleged couple were also seen having romantic dinners, often being said to be one of the last couples to leave the restaurants they attended.

Throughout their rumored on-again off-again relationship, both maintained that they were single, and just had a “beautiful connection.” In an interview, Nick Jonas revealed that he and Lily Collins have been friends for a long time and went on a couple of dates back in 2016.

Now that Selena Gomez is single, whenever she hangs out with or steps out with a male friend, people instantly think they are dating. "We were actually talking about the event for a little bit because I didn't see him there, and I told him I liked his performance," she said to Clevver news.

The "Jealous" singer recently sat down with Capital FM host Max Akhtar In London and took the burning questions head on.There is a good chance that Nick and Selena really aren’t dating – and she is just making it seem like they are to create some buzz for her new album.You know, kind of like her disgusting song-promoting fake relationship with DJ Zedd earlier this year.After the 2015 VMA Awards show, Nick and Selena both headed out for a night on the town – and conveniently arrived at the same after-party in West Hollywood, a shindig thrown by Republic Records.According to Page Six’s sources, Jonas and Gomez were “very close” the entire night.

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