Jquery html usdating existing javascript function

Posted by / 15-Sep-2019 17:12

We made some changes that affect all source files and the ways you can access and load them in your applications.

Our goal was to simplify where possible, while supporting more environments, specifically AMD and bower.

(#9646) The modified version of the j Query Core handling, although in a restricted way.

This solves problems with reloading of flash content and resetting of scroll positions, while still being more straightforward than the old approach.

"Few existing functionality is not working which was working perfectly before the update." Error : Java Script/jquery Error was thrown in Mozilla Firefox ESR browser Version 52.0 browser console alike “contains is not a function”.

For other frameworks - or especially for your custom DOM-manipulating code - the necessary steps might not be as obvious at the first glance.

(3a61627) The menu widget no longer expects list items to contain anchors.

Markup containing anchors will still work, although there may be styling issues.

For more details on how to use the widget's constructor functions, see our guide on using j Query UI with AMD.

Recently The Mozilla Firefox ESR browser was upgraded to Version 52.0 and I faced "few critical issues after updating".

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This should be a pure bug fix, though if you use the dialog widget along with other elements that use option was added to the menu widget.

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