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You have truly lived up to your title as Officer Friendly and I am so proud to have such a dedicated member on the team.I am excited to have members of the Pasco Sheriff’s Office recognized for their service, performance and dedication, and for exemplifying our motto of “Teamwork, Professionalism & Service.” Thank you for all you do for this agency and the citizens of Florida. John Rux,: Sheriff Nocco: I received a very complimentary letter from Chief Velboom of the Dade City Police Department.Thank you for being here, we owe each of you a debt for your friendship and brotherhood. ~Sheriff Nocco Letter from the Sheriff to Officer Friendly Jessica Ziegler: Sheriff Nocco: I am aware that you have been selected by the Central Pasco Chamber of Commerce as the Hispanic Community Leader of the Year of 2017!Whan an honor to be recognized for suc a significant award.Chief Velboom took the time to convey to me his admiration and appreciation for all you did to help the DC PD obtain a new K9 Officer and handler.

A Suspicious man with no shirt and tattoos all over his body who was walking around the neighborhood and then started running and jumping fences.

All I heard were positive remarks about Deputy Buzzetto!

Thank you so much for helping us to initiate our Neighborhood Watch Program! Email to the Sheriff from Steve Georgas: On August 17th, his father informed him that he had not spoken to his elderly brother in over a week and was worried about his brother’s well being. Georgas called the Pasco Sheriff’s Office for a well being check and states everyone he dealt with was outstanding.

He said that you went the extra mile and helped answer some community questions which was much appreciated by the director, as well as the citizens. ~Sheriff Nocco Email to the Sheriff from Mary Anne Efmonds: Sheriff Nocco: Just a note to extend my most sincere THANKS and the thanks of the homeowners in Briar Oaks, who attended our FIRST Neighborhood Watch meeting. Despite the HEAT, on a pool patio with 47 attendees, Deputy Buzzetto was very professional, informative and amusing.

I am sure everyone went home with a better attitude about being proactive in keeping an eye on the community!

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Thank you for all you do for this agency and the citizens of Pasco County. The information you presented had a positive impact on them.

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