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Kim junsu and telisha shaw dating

It was like he was worshiping her; even his eyes looked at her like she was themost beautiful woman in the world. Then he leaned down and kissed her and all her questions melted right out of her head. His kiss seemed familiar somehow; it honestly felt like she had kissed him before and his taste wasunexpectedly evocative and addictive.

Telisha's hands made their way into his hair and she moaned.

The man notices her at the same time and as their eyes meet they both burst out laughing.

It's dynamic, mysterious and romantic all at the same time.

She is thinking about her decision tohelp out Jeri with this showcase tour.

Telisha is also thinking about her agent Erin and how she was adamant about pushing her to move from the danceworld to the acting world.

Junsu could still remember how he could tell exactly what Yoochun was thinking without either one of them having to say a single word.

The sense of connection between himself and Telisha was all the moresurprising considering the language barrier.

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Junsu smiled that splendid smile at her again as though to soothe her nerves.