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Latvia borders Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, Belarus to the south-east, and Russia to the east.

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In the Jungheinrich Group, procurement is organised by product group.

All sourcing needs are structured according to a groupwide product group management system that encompasses 40 main product groups.

This undertaking concentrated on drawing up uniform contractual standards based on modular contract procuments as well as on establishing a computerized contract creation and archiving system.

The redesign laid the groundwork for increasing the number of master agreements even more.

Above and beyond this, resolute, crossfunctional collaboration on all development and sourcing processes unleashes savings potential across the entire value-added chain.

Slightly over 90 per cent of the purchasing volume was allocable to Europe.

This was due in part to the company's strong presence in this region.

Also a big tip for Mamba is to indicate that you actually live in Latvia.

You can also spend time in one of the cafes and discuss some of the things that you have seen.

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This is supplemented by 10 additional main product groups in which post-serial needs are bundled.

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