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From performance evaluations to dual relationships, the supervisory relationship can be fraught with chances for uncomfortable, inappropriate, and potentially litigious situations.

This article will explore ethical concerns in social work supervision, such as the following: • “My supervisor uses me as a confidante and openly discusses another worker’s shortcomings with me, yet she never approaches the worker about it.” • “My supervisor degrades me and makes personal comments about me—usually negative—and sometimes in front of other staff.” • “My coworker reads all day long and doesn’t spend much time working with clients.

In addition, social work supervisors have multiple professional resources available to them.

The mean score for students was 71.1, demonstrating that the supervisees actually had more knowledge about the code than supervisors.

There is no code of ethics specific to supervision.

A supervisor can be held liable for “not identifying inappropriate therapy, ignoring inappropriate behavior, or supervising in a negligent or insufficient manner” (NASW Trust, 2000).

Some employees perceive the sole job of a supervisor as making employees uncomfortable.

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Supervisors are often in the unenviable position of making difficult decisions about how to do more with less, perhaps even downsizing programs or staff, caused by reduced funding and increased costs.