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I’ve gone out with every stereotype: the hipster girl, the art girl, the nature girl.From all of these (some good, but mostly bad) dates, I have learned ways to navigate around the scene in arguably the two biggest communities in the country. Let’s say you’re a young lesbian from a Midwestern or Southern town (’cause I know at one point I was) and you’ve decided to make the move to one of these beckoning places. When this bubbly, blonde lesbian with some serious sass arrived at Cubby Hole, I found it to be my favorite lesbian bar in the country. I’m also super partial `cause I think I got hit on around twenty times.Each mini date will last approximately 4 minutes before going on to the next date.During your short dating time, you will casually converse with your new lesbian acquaintance.But if you and your date are super into each other and consenting, there’s nothing wrong with going farther.Including but not limited to fingering each other in the bar bathroom, making out in Ikea a la If after reading this list, you’re still wondering how to kiss on a first date, I recommend asking. You can send emails and initiate conversations without disclosing your personal email address.

Our lesbian dating service has become increasingly popular, offering a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere in which women can get to know each other on an intimate level.You can use this time to either reconnect with lesbian singles that sparked your interest, or you can use this time to connect with those who you have not yet met.A cash bar is always available for your drinking pleasure.There is one very important thing you must know about lesbians and dating in these two cities: they are vastly different beasts. It’s your first night in New York City and you do what every new lesbian New Yorker does: find the best gay bar with the hottest girls. I wasn’t wearing the all-black uniform, so I stuck out like a Cali girl — and everyone loves a newbie.If you’re a normal newbie, you’ve done your research and have bookmarked places like “Stonewall” and “Cubby Hole.” You venture into Cubby and realize something about the girls that hang out there: they are and always will be just way cooler than you are. In LA, the hottest girls in the city aren’t all conveniently located at one bar: they could be anywhere from working in production, to acting in front of the camera, or even on a giant billboard on Hollywood Blvd.

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