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When the ‘Submit Changes’ method called, it simply commits it’s all containing objects’ changes.

So, here it’s automatically reflecting when we made change in the ‘n USer’ Object.

Here is a small block of c# code samples to create new ‘User’ linq to sql class(Representing ‘Users’ Table in Database) and add it to ‘Users Data Context’ class(Represents the database) and commit the changes to original database by ‘Submit Changes'(without this, no changes will be reflected to database): For your information, the above code example is for . If you are using an earlier version, you will have to use ‘Add‘ method instead of ‘Insert On Submit‘ . Deleting data/row from database using linq is as simple as inserting data and this is also sql syntax free operation 🙂 .

First, we will have to retrieve the ‘user’ object we want to delete, and then add this deletion operation in the queue by ‘Delete On Submit’ method.

A few years ago, I tended to implement my Data Access Components in straight ADO.

Now we are getting to the heat of the matter, because this is done with the Attach To method, which is woefully inadequately documented.

At first, I couldn't get it to work, and it wasn't very apparent to me what I did wrong, so although the answer is very simple, this post might save you a bit of time.

This way you can have a variety of ways that your object is created and the method is only responsible for the persistance of that object not also it's creation and populating.

A couple of problems I see in your approach: // a method higher up the chain void Create Customer Log() void Update Customer Log(string application No) Data_Customer_Log Get Customer Log(string application No) Data_Customer_Log Insert Or Update(Data_Customer_Log record) Data_Customer_Log Insert(Data_Customer_Log record) Data_Customer_Log Update(Data_Customer_Log record) I would probably point out that these methods would probably be in different classes.

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