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Lister dating

Lister Petter is a British company that manufactures internal combustion engines for industry, a subsidiary of Birmingham, England based EGL Group.The company was formed in 1986, after owner Hawker Siddeley Group Plc merged Dursley, Gloucestershire based R A Lister and Company (acquired in 1965), with Yeovil, Somerset based Petters Limited (acquired in 1957).It is important to remember however that in some cases, engine serial numbers were stamped incorrectly or failed to follow the specified pattern.Images shown below are by no means a definitive guide as to the identification of Lister diesel engines, but show general ranges in certain specifications.Lister Petter engines are generally used in stationary industrial applications such as pumping and electricity generation.

L-P also manufactures and sells biodiesel plants, allowing customers to produce their own fuel for diesel engines.

One higher-power engine of up to 335 horsepower (250 k W), the ‘Omega’ is also produced under licence.

The engine designs range from more recent design high-speed turbodiesels (such as the ‘Gamma’ or ‘Omega’ engines) to traditional single-cylinder medium-speed types such as the ‘A-Series’ and ‘Phi’ types.

By this timer, the core engine products were in demise, and the company employing around 250 people on a turnover of £35M.

Costing cutting measures included closing the award winning foundry in 2001, which had been one of the most advanced in Europe when it opened in 1937.

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In preparation, BTR sold-off any subsidiary operations, including Lister-Petter in 1996 to Schroders Venture Capital.

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