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The customer argued that he was discriminated against because of his religious beliefs.But the court ruled that this was not discrimination because the baker had a consistent policy of refusing to create cakes that used derogatory language or imagery.The law caused such a firestorm that the legislature hastily enacted an amendment clarifying that the law could not be used to discriminate on the basis of sexual preference.But with other states also considering religious freedom laws, the issue isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. At the heart of the debate is a system of anti-discrimination laws enacted by federal, state and local governments.Find out how much expats can expect to pay for various medical procedures in different countries. Valletta, Malta’s small but mighty capital, still feels like one of the Med’s undiscovered gems. The Local’s commercial editor, Sophie Miskiw, explored this year’s Capital of Culture and can’t wait to go back.While there’s a lot of wisdom to the saying ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’, it’s a safe assumption that most people don’t view the flight itself as the highlight. Facebook and Google are pushing users to share private information by offering "invasive" and limited default options despite new EU data protection laws aimed at giving users more control and choice, a Norwegian government study said Wednesday.

In some states and cities, you also cannot discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation.

Norwegian Air Shuttle reported a hefty profit on Thursday, dramatically wrong-footing industry analysts who had expected a big loss as the low-cost airline burns through cash in its drive for growth, especially on ultra-competitive transatlantic routes.

Ever wonder where illness or injury abroad may set you back the most?

You’ve probably seen these signs at restaurants: “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” Or, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” But what do these signs really mean? Can they throw you out if you forgot your flip-flops on the beach?

When is a refusal to serve someone justified and when is it discrimination that could lead to a lawsuit?

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In each case, a Colorado baker was sued for violating discrimination laws.

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