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SPIRALLING costs to refurbish Urmston Leisure Centre will set Trafford taxpayers back an extra £500,000, bringing the total cost to nearly £7million.

In September, the then Conservative-led authority approved a £6.45million spend to pay for the leisure centre’s overhaul.

The country’s largest union, the GSEE, said: “The government is continuing disastrous policies for society and the economy, forcing unsustainable measures onto the backs of wage-earners and retired people.

“The constant deterioration in the living standards is part of a downward trend that people (in government) chose not to see.” Greece is currently negotiating the terms of its bailout exit with European creditors, including how its finances will be monitored and the conditions of a promised debt relief package.

But the talks, due to be concluded in a few weeks, have been overshadowed by the political crisis in Italy and the resulting financial turmoil.

Eurozone member Greece has relied on money from three consecutive bailouts since losing market access in 2010.

In November 2016, the council revealed plans to invest £24.4million in improving the region’s leisure facilities, as part of its Physical Activity Vision leisure strategy.

"However, there is a requirement to submit a new planning application based on revised architectural drawings.

It is a practice that deprives individuals of their freedom without adequate due process simply because of their economic status.

In Philadelphia, more than 5,300 people are imprisoned in local jails, the majority of whom are being held on unjust probation and parole detainers or pretrial on cash bail.

A general strike in Greece against plans to extend austerity measures has halted ferry services to the islands and disrupted flights, public transport and other services.

The 24-hour strike called by the country’s largest unions also closed schools and left public hospitals running on emergency staff.

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The exact timing of the planning application and construction work will be confirmed in due course.