Macdonald consolidating strike

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These, the first ever series of official Celtic lectures at the University, were open to the public as well as to the University community (1901-1903).When Maclean delivered the first of these lectures, 24th January 1901 in the Humanity Classroom, he claimed that 10% of the student body (perhaps 200 out of around 2000) at Glasgow could understand Gaelic.His growing and parallel interest in Celtic Studies led to strong ties with Ireland in particular and had a long association with various institutions in Cork and Dublin and later worked in the USA.Meyer was invited, while he worked at Liverpool, to take the additional post of Mac Callum lecturer at the University of Glasgow.He was a lecturer and then professor of German at the University of Liverpool, England, for 27 years.Meyer was also a pioneer of Celtic studies and held classes in Irish and Welsh at Liverpool, stimulating an interest in Celtic at that University.The funds were insufficient to pay the salary of a full time lecturer but they were enough to fund a course of lectures in successive years.

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This was driven by the need to prepare trainee ministers for a life of Gaelic preaching and the absence of Gaelic training anywhere at tertiary level – despite ongoing calls from the Gaelic community in Glasgow for Gaelic provision at the University.

Little progress was made at Glasgow despite the establishment of the Celtic Chair at Edinburgh in 1882, the successful culmination of a long campaign in that city.

This logjam was weakened, although not completely removed by the bequest left the University by the in 1893.

Mac Callum’s will stipulated that a Celtic lectureship be established and left monies to that end.

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He completed this first series of lectures on the 22Meyer returned to Glasgow again at the end of 1904 to begin his second series of lectures.

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