Marion michael nude

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Marion michael nude

However, it was decided that the character did not go anywhere and could not be sustained for a full series, so the character was axed.It was then decided by the creators to make Marion a foreign character and to find an accent that reflected this.

Almost all his lines contain at least one swear word that is always bleeped over.It also featured a cat, Marion, who was trying to encourage Nelson to be more animal-like.While Miller was working on a BBC Three sitcom he pitched the idea to producer Stephen Mc Crum.Most episodes also feature at least one celebrity appearance and every episode features a comic song. The idea was first suggested between the creator and director of Mongrels, Adam Miller, and the show's head puppeteer, Andy Heath, when they worked on ITV children's show Ripley and Scuff.Miller described Mongrels as: "an adult sitcom, trying to do for puppetry what American shows like The Simpsons have done for animation. Think [stage musical] Avenue Q meets Family Guy but with puppet animals." He also said that: "We wanted to make something that had the pace of an American animation but with British sensibilities, that was adult, but not crude, that was based in the realities of the animal world, and that didn't rely on the puppets to do the comedy." The original idea, known as The Un-Natural World was of an urban fox living in Brixton called Nelson, who was so used to living in the city that he had lost any sense of being an animal.

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Mongrels looks at the lives of five animals that hang around the back of a pub called The Lord Nelson in Millwall, on the Isle of Dogs in the East End of London.