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You’ll be surprised how a short break from the usual routine can do wonders for your marriage.Rekindle the flame with a weekend trip, planned with your loved one in mind.Children require more sleep than adults, so make the most of your night together without feeling guilty.Take a moment to think about how it felt like during your initial courtship, what was it that made everything so exciting?Sweating it out together can become a great bonding time for both of you!Or if you're a parent, put the kids to bed early and go for a date night out.One being the 'panic button' and yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

Get involved in hobbies and mutual interests by choosing new activities to do as a couple.That's why we rounded them all up for you—because we thought there was a chance you might have some trouble really buying it.Simple and to the point, Victoria Milan, offers some pretty snazzy features.If your spouse is a foodie, explore new eateries during the weekends. Be it a sport, cooking class or even painting, choose one that you know you will both enjoy. Once you take marriage vows, you have what a sacred sanctity owed to your spouse.

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While we can't blame the online dating sites for creating this dilemma, these couples are aware of the choices they're making and the consequences that come with these decisions.