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Since 1981, more than three million people have put their trust in Teeter inversion tables for relief, and it's the only inversion table brand that's been both safety-certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and registered with the FDA as a class one medical device.

For a limited time, my listeners can get the Teeter inversion table with bonus accessories and a free pair of gravity boots — a savings of over 8 — by going to! I've used this service for many of my businesses, as have quite a few of the icons on this podcast such as Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg of Word Press fame.

Whether you do any type of creative work, want to be too complex to categorize, or want to overcome rejection and beat the odds, this one has something for you.

Aisha voices superspy Lana Kane on F/X's Emmy award-winning animated comedy series Archer, which won four back-to-back Television Critics' Choice Awards.

I like those too but game shakers is the funniest one in my opinion.

I enjoy the main characters and the story of the show with all the wacky events that happen.

I also enjoyed nick in the past with shows like YCDTOTV, salute your shorts, Pete n Pete, All-that etc and I can easily say game shakers brings some of that retro vibe but in a modern fresh setting so Dan the creator of the show and all the actors and crew involved deserve some credit since this is another great show for nickelodeon.

After accidentally stumbling into his uncle's mysterious "tanning bed", Adam learns the answer to all of his problems - multiple Adams.

With his new collection of clones, Adam is hopping on one wild summer ride with an epic splash.

The Men Provement Podcast: Episode #134This is episode #134 of The Men Provement Podcast.

In this episode, I talk with Robert Kandell, the relationship expert.

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