Matrix 2016 updating the triz contradiction matrix

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The workshop trainees were questioned in groups by using written material at the lectures where they were involved into developing the lectures which enticed secondary school pupils to exercise creative thinking.

In the later phase, the groups were divided into two independent, mutually opposed entities and questions were raised about their experiences.

The arrows show the principle of solution finding according to TRIZ method and the transformational formulating one problem or solution towards another problem.

Instead of searching for actual solutions for specific problems, TRIZ proposes getting closer to problems solving at an abstract level.

By updating the classical contradiction matrix, there originated the 2003 matrix which takes into consideration and envisages frequency of innovative principles occurrence, thus rendering a significant progress in TRIZ method developing and application.TRIZ - is the method enabling stimulation of creative problem solving by way of using the developed knowledge bases, similar system functioning and contradictions removal.The system of education is one of the most complex social systems, burdened with multiple contradictions.Constant development of innovative approaches is required in all business activities.In answering the question of how to generate new ideas, new services, new educational model, the present-day answer may be either copy aimlessly or search for the solution and rectify mistakes.

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TRIZ research starts with the hypothesis that there are no universal principles of finding a creative solution for each problem.

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