Memphisbells cams

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Memphisbells cams

He averages like 38mpg (IIRC) according to the dash readout, which immediately worsens when I drive, lol.Hyundai's customer service also seems pretty good from what I hear as well.But if I were to buy a Hyundai, it would have to be a Genesis. Since Hyundai also owns some part of Kia, Kia has been improving as well. But back to your question, I can definitely get over the old stigma of Hyundai.

All in all, I definitely wouldn't mind driving that car as a daily driver.

Yes she drives a lot, but so far she has only had to change brakes and oil.

I feel like they make solid cars and am wondering what's going to happen when it rolls over 100k.

I guess watching so many people with their Kia Sephias (when new) breaking down has jaded me.

I've come to realize that my vehicle tastes will always be stained with a strong pro-Japanese bias, for reasons I wish I could understand. The Dart was a project my father and I worked on together, and I love owning and driving it.

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These days it's cheaper to fix and wow with warranties than to build things right the first time. They have been one of the best selling, top rated, best quality, best value companies for the last 6 years.