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However, the GAA pundit quickly backtracked on his comments after receiving backlash on social media.

"I want to say that what I said about Marty Morrissey was said in a spirit of affection, not literally," he said.

The RTE presenter, who famously revealed he has a crush on Irish model Georgia Salpa and also tried to interview catwalk legend Cindy Crawford while covering the 2008 Beijing Olympics for the station, said that his smooth talking persona is down to his fun-loving personality. I have never met Georgia Salpa and I only saw the back of Cindy Crawford.

I wouldn't consider myself a ladies' man, far from it.

Along with Emma, of course, who he describes as the love of his life (after a youthful marriage to actress Amanda Noar, relationships with Liz Carling and Rachel Weisz, and that famous fling with Amanda Holden).

“When I look back over my career, I just feel pleased that I’m still working and getting some good roles,” he says.

And what’s nice is whether it’s Line of Duty [the BBC2 crime drama with Neil as dodgy copper Nigel Morton] or Me and Mrs Jones [his new sitcom], I’m treated as if I’m exactly the right person for the job.” Me and Mrs Jones is billed as an old-fashioned family comedy, in which Neil and his ex-wife (Sarah Alexander) adjust to their new lives living apart.

Put into care at an early age after a spate of burglary and theft sprees, he thanks his foster parents for making him the person he is today.Neil married actress Amanda Knor in 1987 after they met when she starred in an episode of a show he was in at the time, Boon.The couple had a son together in 1989 before divorcing in 1991.I was just blown away.” So might we see them stepping down the aisle? Neil could say the same of his career, which went a little quiet after the MBB bubble burst, but now has him popping up all over the place.“I don’t know whether I have slipped into a different category now I am 50, but I’m having a great time.

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He has also been romantically linked to actress Rachel Weisz but he gained most attention when his affair with Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden came to light.

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