Mvc form not validating dating personals and christian cafe

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Mvc form not validating

In the above code, I have created my View Model for my "Register" UI i.e."Register View Model" and created three properties in it along with basic validations on those properties.You can download the complete source code for this article or you can follow the step by step discussion below.

Client side form validation also helps in providing better user interactivity with the website, while deep verification or validation of input data is being done at Server-side.For Email property, I have defined required attribute constraint and email constraint.This will help MVC 5 platform to identify any invalid basic input from end-user.this is the field in model: [Required(Error Message = " is required.")] [Display(Name = "Date")] [Display Format(Data Format String = "")] public Date Time MDate And this is the controller called: [Http Post] public Action Result Edit1( Meal product) The j Query code as I posted above, the only change is that I added evt in the code, I clicked the button, the validation did not work, without validation , the code executed to controller, caused the error in Save Change, apprently, the date field was blank and did not validate. Please let me know if you have any idea to change the ajax part codes to make it working, thanks again.

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The first action method is called when an HTTP-GET request comes for the URL.

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