My roommates are dating

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Although I was pretty shocked by his bold move, I welcomed his kiss because we had grown closer in our time together and I no longer worried or got nervous about us living together.

For one thing, I saw him every day so I didn’t worry about hearing from him on a regular basis.

At that point, FI and I decided to move in together despite not knowing each other very well and me really not wanting a male roommate. This wasn’t the least bit weird for me because I had already gotten to know them through my friendship with SIL.

During that first weekend as roommates, I hosted a bachelorette party at the apartment and was gone for a couple of days, so FI and I had very little time to be alone with each other.

There are many perks to dating your best friends’ brother.

Now that my best friend will be my sister-in-law, our friendship has grown much deeper.

FI and I were forced very early on to discuss where we saw this relationship going.

All three of us, SIL, FI and I had conversations about the relationship in very mature manners.

So we took a closer look, and found the best examples of how to deal with suddenly finding yourself dating a person you happen to already live with — you never know if it'll happen to you.

I would occasionally see FI when tailgating with his sister, my now best friend.

I even had my eye on him at her wedding, but for some reason, we never really talked to each other or realized how much we actually had in common.

My cousin’s best friend (SIL) invited her brother (FI) over to watch movies, and I immediately thought he was super cute and started crushing hard.

After I moved to Baton Rouge to attend LSU my cousin’s best friend became my best friend while we were working together as student workers.

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He now insists that I was inching closer to him, so maybe it was mutual.

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