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, is a Japanese former adult video (AV) performer and a multi-media personality whose role as a media counselor expressing outspoken views on sex and society have drawn comparisons to La Cicciolina and Dr. was born January 21, 1965 to a conservative, comfortably middle-class family.

The daughter of an engineer, Kuroki was a naturally gifted child and showed artistic talent from an early age.

Kuroki and Matsuzaka were brought together again in Toru Muranishi's December 1990 pink film, Daikyonyuu: Noshikakaru In the January 2002 issue of the magazine Josei Seven, and the January 2004 issue of Shukan Post, stories and pictures on Kuroki's private life were printed.

Kuroki claimed that as an ordinary citizen no longer in the public eye, the magazines needed her permission to print these stories.

It's a bit like eating and menus in restaurants: you're hungry and you have a sudden craving for noodles, so you go and eat noodles.

Your appetite is towards a porno video, so you go and rent whatever turns you on.

Kuroki, sharing Muranishi's opinion that the AV should have a documentary quality, continued to work with him when he left Crystal-Eizou to found his own company, Diamond Visual.

While she was popular with her male audience for her AV appearances, she also appealed to a female audience by expressing feminist view on daytime television.

Reflecting on her popularity, unprecedented for an AV model up to that time, Kuroki points out that there was a social need for someone like her.

Some say they almost find her frightening; that they can't get a hard-on." Kuroki responds, "The men who find my videos frightening often recognize the wilder, more uninhibited side of their own girlfriends.

In order to liberate themselves, they must first take off their armour.

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Kuroki sued the publisher, Shogakukan, for 22 million yen for invasion of privacy.

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