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The Plan aims to connect 5 unconnected district head quarters through roads; establish an enabling environment for public private partnerships; operate a Roads Board for financing road maintenance and efficient road management in a sustainable manner; and an institutional reform of the Department of Roads (Do R) based on the Government’s reform policy.In 2001, Go N established a Road Transport Policy and developed a 20-year road master plan.In the field of Telecommunications, Nepal Telecom has been the trusted partner of the people of Nepal since 2032.Among many valuable services provided by Nepal Telecom, "Namaste" is the Pre-Paid mobile service launched recently in order to easily make available the latest technology within the grasp of common.The Road Sector Development Project (RSDP) supports the Country Assistance Strategy objective to reduce poverty in rural areas, by improving rural access, and, prompting higher agricultural output, as well as non-farm income, in remote hill areas of the country. The ongoing "Rural Access Improvement and Decentralization Project (RAIDP)" was designed for the residents of participating twenty districts to enable them utilize improved rural transport infrastructure, and services, and also benefit from enhanced access to social services, and economic opportunities.Additional financing was approved for the project in December 2009 to enable it to expand to ten additional districts.

Nepal Telecom welcomes you to the digital world of mobile technology.

Because of its mainly mountainous terrain and difficult weather conditions, roads and aviation are the major modes of transportation in the country.

The presence of railways is negligible, and urban transport services are few.

However, RBN still requires improvement for adequate resource generation and efficiency to be able to fulfill its mandate.

The World Bank is supporting two projects in the roads sector in Nepal.

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Recently, Do R has completed on an integrated 10-year sector-wide plan and a Priority Investment Plan (2007-2016) for the development and management of strategic roads, including institutional development requirements.

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