Nfl quarterback dating sideline reporter

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Nfl quarterback dating sideline reporter

but as evidence shows in the TMZ video, Andrews clearly had Rodgers on her mind.

The couple first started seeing each other after Christian messaged Samantha on Twitter, and two months later, the couple decided to get married.

"We want someone who loves the game, who is a student of the game but who has a personality as well," Druley said.

"We want them to have interests outside of football and the ability to connect with the viewers.

ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele is engaged to Minnesota Viking QB Christian Ponder earning her the honor of December 2012 Jersey Chaser of the Month.

Steele and Ponder began dating at the begining of the NFL season and both had breakout years.

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Peyton Manning is not a hard man to find on television, as the former NFL quarterback seemingly has pitched everything under the sun in terms of commercials.

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