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No credit card nsa site

A new startup called Trim wants to help you better track all the subscriptions you pay for, and easily cancel those you don’t need. The idea for the startup comes from two Yale grads, Thomas Smyth and Dan Petkevich, whose backgrounds include time spent at Redfin, the Climate Corporation, and in venture investing.

But even a few dollars spent here and there have a way of adding up, and eating into your household’s budget.

Although it has partnerships with companies like Qantas Airlines and Barclays, those deals don’t affect which cards Birch promotes, Cohen said.

Birch gets affiliate revenue in the event someone picks a card from one of those partners.

Unlike budgeting apps, Birch is targeting customers who don’t carry much debt.

For those who are in debt, Birch recommends paying off those balances before focusing on rewards.

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And while consumers may like to cancel some of these subscriptions (if they could remember what they’re paying for!

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