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If you do want to video chat, you can click the camera icon next to a person's name and the conversation begins.

If you click a person's name, a chat window appears below the buddy list where you can talk to them casually without video chatting.On the whole, Airtime video chats seem to be better quality than those on Google , and about on par with a Face Time call over a decent connection.The service claims that it needs 1.5 Mbps minimum bandwidth to operate, but it seems to adapt accordingly to however fast or slow your connection may be.Or is that the fun of Chatroulette — that you never know what's coming?It's simple to report someone as abusive if they start stripping or cursing at you, and since Airtime is tied to your Facebook account (and not an IP address), the company will have a much easier time moderating and banning users.

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Airtime, like many other services launching recently, requires only a Facebook account, a browser with Adobe Flash, and a webcam to work.