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Numerical modeling shows that chromatic aberration can yield useful chromatic information through the dependence of image acuity on accommodation.

The unusual off-axis slit and annular pupil shapes in cephalopods enhance this ability.

Evidence of original coloration has been detected in cephalopod fossils dating as far back as the Silurian; these orthoconic individuals bore concentric stripes, which are thought to have served as camouflage.

Cephalopods became dominant during the Ordovician period, represented by primitive nautiloids.These exclusively marine animals are characterized by bilateral body symmetry, a prominent head, and a set of arms or tentacles (muscular hydrostats) modified from the primitive molluscan foot.Fishermen sometimes call them inkfish, referring to their common ability to squirt ink.I only wanted to have fun, Adele – Million Years Ago.Many members of the benthic fauna of the Antarctic continental shelf share close phylogenetic relationships to the deep-sea fauna adjacent to Antarctica and in other ocean basins.

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The class now contains two, only distantly related, extant subclasses: Coleoidea, which includes octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish; and Nautiloidea, represented by Nautilus and Allonautilus.

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