Oguri shun dating

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Oguri shun dating

Since ARASHI is a very hot band at the moment, their agency cannot let the fans down by allowing Matsumoto and Inoue to get married.

Many fans and tabloid writers expect the two to get married sometimes soon, but we are never sure of when the two will get together.

Nakama has cooked with Matsumoto in each other’s houses, and Matsumoto and Inoue has rarely been seen outside.

Add to that, Shibasaki cheated on Tsumabuki to date TAKUYA from UVERworld, so that would mean that Shibasaki had actually been cheating on two men at the same time. Yes, but we never know how important celebrities consider their relationship to be.However, when Matsumoto was having dinner with Inoue one day, a famous tabloid “Friday” caught the couple coming out of a restaurant separately.In order to camouflage this dinner date, Matsumoto actually invited a fellow Johnny’s celebrity, Touma Ikuta, but this camouflage did not work so well.Each arrived separately but appeared to be wearing very similar casual stylish outfits, complete with hat, sunglasses (even at night), and/or decorative scarf.I’m just smiling like a happy noona at seeing the three close friends still being close friends going on ten plus years, a feat that is difficult even with ordinary folks.

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He has said during a conversation with the members of ARASHI that if he were to play outside, he would do it with his guy-friends.

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