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Online dating pattya escorts

I say no its OK lets just do it there and she says OK.

Then she says I can’t finish in her mouth because….. But then the girl I was with at first asks me to buy the new girl ANOTHER ladies drink 1 minute after she got the first.

So on this trip the first thing I did while I was waiting for my room to be ready I headed over to check that off my bucket list.

An hour later I am walking out minus 300 baht for a normal massage where only a handjob was on offer at the end.

I would have been paying girls I wouldn’t bang for free.

I have got 40 numbers from girls in the 6-8 range in 1 week here in Pattaya.

The last time I left Pattaya 3 years back I had two main regrets.Grab my wallet pay the 500 and the 100 and grab my bill. I protest saying that’s for the back room and we didn’t go. I’m like no I have read many many people say the 300 is only if you go to the back room and they say no.I ask to speak to the mamasan (manager) and this 40 year old Thai lady comes over.I choose a mid thirties lady who isn’t fat and has an OK body.If I was in the Philippines I wouldn’t consider handing her my number at the mall….. Waitress brings our drinks, she pulls her top down and her skirt up and my hands roam. She asks what I want to do and I say get a BJ I’ll give her 500 baht and she says OK we go back room 300 more.

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