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Notice the last element on your page In the same study, the viewing time increased significantly at the very bottom of the webpage, which means that visitor’s attention goes up again in the bottom of the page.

Inserting a good call-to-action or relevant content to the end of the webpage can drive up conversions.

Your first two paragraphs need to state the most important information in your text – This is the content your visitors will most probably read.

Use subheadings, bullet points and paragraphs to make your content more readable.

Next, some findings: People do scroll, but their attention span is short – This study found that the visitor’s viewing time of the page decreases sharply when they go below the fold.

In the study, visitors spent 80% of their time focusing on the content above the fold.

Whereas when you use an eyetracking heatmap, you are using a sample group of people who are often taken out of their normal environment, so it may generate distorted results.

Also, remember that people scroll when the layout promotes scrolling – so if you have a long page, make sure the design encourages scrolling.People tend to browse image-based web pages in a horizontal manner.Banner blindness happens when your visitor subconsciously or consciously ignores a part of your webpage because it looks like advertising.It will not inherently change the conclusion of the study, but it may alter the percentages a bit – When using a fluid layout on larger screens, the amount of content above the fold may increase.User attention will also decrease below the fold – the further your content is away from the header, the less attention your visitor has in reading it.

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You should also remember the recency effect, which states that the last thing a person sees will stay on their minds longer.

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