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Having sex and falling into a relationship has never been easier — or more difficult, depending on who you ask. Females largely comprise front-of-house roles, like servers.

Ever helpful, your Memphis Flyer staff has ventured out into the fray, interviewing actual combatants and the occasional expert to give you the lay of the land in 2018. Alert your love interests that you're a boring hack ahead of time by demanding date ideas on Facebook and ending the post with "... This makes restaurants ripe for bad behavior, the report said.

Both sexes reported liking Bumble's requirement that women send the first message. '" One respondent reported receiving an image of a man's fresh gunshot wound. "I would be on OK Cupid for a few minutes, and it was just 'Hello, hello, hello' And then you get someone who asks if you will pee on them." Opening messages that work tend to be conversation starters demonstrating genuine interest, such as questions about mutual interests. ("You wouldn't apply to a job stating that you're 'gud @ makin koffee in shit', so don't apply for access to my sex organs with 'luv 2 make out'.") If things are going well, the next step is to exchange phone numbers. One woman said she thought the #Me Too movement has had some impact on men's behavior, but not enough.

As one man says, "When guys are hiding behind the internet, they can really be creeps." Nearly 100 percent of women report receiving unsolicited penis pics. "Don't lead with 'I think you're very attractive.' Lead with 'I read in your profile that you're a film buff. "Men are being more polite when they use the apps, because they know it can be screen-shotted.

Think about it: Come 2019, you're not going to want to spend the nuclear holocaust in your sad, pathetic bunker alone. Of course, when all your kids join the Furry community, you've only yourself to blame, Snap-people. Honesty is the best policy, so lay all your cards on the table! It's Memphis Eskimo Brother/Eskimo Sister Bingo, and I'm accepting donations to my Go Fund Me. If there's one thing that always breaks the ice, it's some good sports talk. One of my favorite bad dates that we re-enact: The guy picks the girl up. She also talks about her mother, who she refers to as a pill popper. "People hear a story like that and they think, 'This can't be real.' Pretty much the thread that runs through the show is, 'It can't be real.' "I would say 75 percent of our show is submissions from dating websites, crazy messages you get and weird interactions. The most frequently mentioned turn offs for women were men holding guns and dead animals.

Whatever it is, you're guaranteed explosive civic-minded sex afterward and, if you're lucky, a halfway decent egg-white omelet the next morning. But she pointed me to the Missed Connections portion of Memphis Craigslist that had one man searching for a Huey's waitress with a black hat and hair in a pony tail. Now, since #metoo, more restaurant workers are coming forward.

When it comes to making the first move, 63 of the respondents said it's acceptable for the guy or the girl to go for it these days.

You've met everyone in your age range within a 19-mile radius already, so it's time to meet your next lovable loser in a new way. Discuss your newfound sobriety on various social media platforms. Fool around later anyway, regardless of whether a consensus was reached. She does a comedy show called "The Break-Up Show." "It's an ensemble cast with six of us and we get real stories, real texts, emails, screenshots of Tinder messages people send us, and we read them out loud," she says. We re-enact bad dates." As far as the material, Bearden says: "No matter what your age, you can understand it. After a Facebook post asking for people to share their experiences, I was inundated with responses.

Sure, you're single this Valentine's Day, but if you learn these fresh rules, you won't be by, say, Memorial Day. This is going to garner you way more attention and thus land you more dates than drunkenly hitting on someone at the old Melange bar ever did! Experiment with Snapchat filters to smooth out your skin, make your eyes look brighter, and attract the type of mate who's into humans with big ears and wagging tongues. "I think it's the realization that certain people actually exist in the world. The entire date he's hearing this monologue of racial slurs. Then he hears her say, ‘I just love Jap food, but I hate Japs.’ "Then he goes to drop her off. He hugs her, and she bites him on the neck and runs out of the car. Here's what they had to say about online dating dos and don'ts. Appearance certainly counts, but the way you present yourself counts more.

("I don't know why men are so into posing with dead fish, but they are.") Men with no pics of themselves is a red flag for women ("That's a sign that they're married."), as are group pics.

("It's like they're trying to hide behind their hotter friends.") As for the guys, they're sick of seeing selfies with Snapchat filters. " read a message with two dozen pics attached.) The biggest turnoff for both sexes? Most men reported feeling like they were expected to send the first message, but women reported sending the first message about half the time. I don't know." Another woman said, "I think men think, 'I like my dick so much, why wouldn't you like a picture of my dick? You wouldn't smear your dick all over the Ark, so don't smear it on my phone.") A couple of women said rejection at the messaging phase triggered stalking behavior in a man, with one saying the stalking persisted for two and half years, and another reported being physically threatened by a neo-Nazi from Southaven.

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