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Is anyone help me to get through this initial phase of ***...? Whatever I do and get additional enjoyment, I do that after ensuring that my family is safe and fully satisfied.

@Clueless Hubby , Why are U reading between the lines and giving your own interpretation to what I said?

Ab bebo ko sari chije samajh mein a jati hai,wo itr ki khushboo sunaghana ne lagti hai or cctvs ko dekhne lagti hai.

Dunkan apne hath kareena ke bra mein ghusa deta hai or nipples masalne lagta hai.kareena moan karti hai-'uff','ah'.lewis bikini khol deta hai or lund kareena ke gand mein tuse deta hai.

I start with 1 finger then 2 then 3 and then 4, i keep stroking my fingers in and out for at least 5-10 mins daily, which keeps my anus smooth, soft, wider and lubricated.

kareena kapoor ne paise(,000) diye receptionist ko or kaha- agar room khali nhi hai toh karwa do,mein jyada der khadi wait nhi karungi.

I am not like those married pure gays who would not satisfy their wife and go for extra marital affair to get the sexual satisfaction, and also will question bisexual for their actions :) :) :) If you are so much worried about your wife's rights, I have the same question to you too, Do u allow your wife to login to a ***/gay/lesbian website like Ohmojo,go to pron site and read it to get the pleasure, put comments etc? Do u allow her to have the extra marital affair like u have with gays? Hey guys, i would like to share my experience with you as well.

Feel so excited to experience this *** experience... They will never come to know about what I am doing.

Lewis pyas bujha raha tha or ye dekh Dunkan bahut khush tha.

Brian kareena ke armpits chat or expression dekh kar hi khush tha.

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It took me more then 3 to 4 months to finally get my hole a bit broader. I then wash myself properly with soap and again insert my 1-2 finger to drain out the residue liquid which generally left out in it, which actually comes out a bit warm, due to the body temperature which warms the water.

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