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Many people feel more comfortable with shorter men. For life in general, it doesn't ever limit you, as in make it impossible to get any type of job or achieve any type of status or respect, but you'll be playing Life on Difficulty Mode: Hard, so to speak. Literally the first two hits on a Google search of sperm bank and size requirements prove you wrong.

While it's true that some women will still find you overall attractive if you're 5'7", it's a fact that women much prefer a guy to be tall.

First of all we are here to help and we put our soul and heart into this work!!!

But of course there is some work need to be done by you!

He says to me “you know I feel so comfortable with you. Some people treat their dogs as they would a child.” “I’m so glad to hear you say that.

Have good teeth, good hair, stay fit, wear flattering clothes, smell nice, be a good person, and you will be fine and girls will never be an issue. In my high school days, myself and most other short runts went out for the wrestling & XC teams.

Historically, most short cats are suited for comedian acting careers in films, theatre, nightclubs, etc...everybody loves a short funny guy 😅.

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Next time, make sure they know you want to make a deposit and not a withdrawal.