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Oracle trigger inserting or updating

No problems, we have just created everything needed for such a demo.The next script will read the file name from the command line argument and read the whole file into a memory buffer.When a PL/SQL procedure returns REF Cursor variable, it is just the same as if the handle was produced by using $db-prepare.What is the most frequent use of REF Cursor variables?

TEST(: DNO,: CSR); END; The key to success lies in understanding what exactly is our REF cursor variable.

For most drivers the value used here has a direct effect on the memory used by the statement handle while it's active, so don't be too generous.

If you can't be sure what value to use you could execute an extra select statement to determine the longest value.

Real programmers aside, let's return to DBI and Oracle. LOB types are used when we need to store large documents, images or other types of media files into the database.

REF Cursor is a special column type that warrants inclusion of DBD:: Oracle directly, in order to gain access to the definition of types. Good thing about the LOB data types is that it is mostly handled automatically by the DBI itself.

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Second, we had to do an "inout" bind, with size set to 0 and with a hash reference which tells DBI the oracle type of the variable being bound.

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