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Encouraging all riders or drivers to use [the] driveway is the safest for themselves and others.” Mr Ong contacted Australia Post, but the representatives sided with the postie.“Looking at the photo of your mailbox, the area around it is not clear,” a customer service representative wrote.

This is to ensure safe, accurate and fast deliveries.” “I would recommend cleaning the front area and removing the shrubs that are obstructing the mailbox,” the rep advised.“Quickly, go down to have a look, otherwise they might go past us.” Adul said his teammates hesitated, so he took the torch and investigated the noises himself. It took me a while before I could answer them, when they asked me how I was. They were fearful the torch would run out of battery, so they used it sparingly.“I greeted them, I said, ‘Hello.’ I heard, ‘Hello.’ Someone was raising their head above the water and said, ‘Hello’." “I went in there and the noise asked, ‘Hello, is anyone there? “When they said ‘hello’ to me, I said ‘hello’ back. The youngest team member said he felt “dizzy and weak” and tried to battle his pain by not thinking about food.A second letter read: “You need to clean the area in front of the letterbox. Mr Ong wrote on Facebook that his garden had not changed in the past 12 years and the “warning messages” had only started within the past month.He agreed safety was “definitely very important”, adding: “Riding over nature strips in wet weather is not safe as it could be slippery, mud can get into his wheels, spreading to neighbours’ driveways.

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