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Every time the update runs it gives the following message: We found some issues. It shows Fix Issues button and after pressing it, it opens a new windows and during the Preparing for the Upgrade process it fails with the message: We couldn't update the system reservation partition.I must point out that the current version of Windows is a clean install and the system partition was created by the Windows during installation process.As much user data as possible is located on a separate 128GB flash data drive.Please note that, every netbook and small, solid state laptop that my family has (all of which have Windows running from 32GB of built-in flash memory) will be encountering this issue.And, here you're provided with the complete solutions to get ready for Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which makes the KB3172985 installation unnecessary once/when the download stuck and failed to install to your PC.When Windows Update tries to upgrade the current Windows 10 Pro load 10240 to 10586, it fails because it can't update the system reserved partition.Obviously, I'm very concerned about trying that, because if it messes up - I've just bricked my system.

I guess I'll have to force all these updates later tonight." Seeing from the users' experience, we suggest you wait patiently even the downloading process is randomly stuck at a certain percentage. If it times out, you will see an error and be asked to start the update process again.

In Windows Disk Manager it shows RAW in file system column of broken volume.

When I try to browse to the drive on file explorer it suggest that I should format this partition. I heard about similar problems happening with early "Anniversary" updates.

Download KB3172985 for x86 (501 MB) Download KB3172985 for x64 (914 MB) Don't blame server overload all along. Extreme large files and junk files residues should commit the crime for not being able to download KB3172985 update fast, since the machine running speed has been dragged down for long.

Use Ease US partition magic software to clean up junk files in Windows 10, involving system junk files, browser caches, Windows built-in applications and other application junk files.

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