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She also asks Marge for advice to find love, saying Patty is 2 minutes more beautiful than she is.Selma's favorite brand of cigarettes is identified as "Laramie Hi-Tars" while Patty's favorite brand of cigarettes is "Lady Laramie 100s"; they have been claimed by their mother to "have started smoking even before birth".There were several instances where they did not seem to care when Homer faced a life-threatening situation.For instance, when Marge rushes to the hospital after receiving a telephone call Homer suffered a heart attack at work, Patty and Selma — instead of going to the hospital and comforting Marge in her time of need — remained seated at the kitchen table, continuing their activity of cutting coupons, gasping in amazement at a five cent discount and behaving as though nothing was wrong.

He also helped her and Patty keep their jobs after they were caught smoking at work (although this was more for Marge's sake).

During the adoption process, Selma pretended to be married to Homer, since the Chinese government only allows children to be adopted by married couples.

When the fraud was exposed, Selma managed to keep the baby, as a Chinese dignitary who had also been raised by a single parent became sympathetic.

They have a strong, mutual (and reciprocated) dislike for their brother-in-law.

She (along with her sister) are shown to be older than Homer and Marge, but a birthdate has not been given. Unlike Homer, who usually makes a perfunctory (if not particularly sincere or committed) effort to be polite to his sisters-in-law out of respect for his wife, Patty and Selma have no hesitation in treating Homer with open rudeness and contempt.

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Parents: Jacqueline Bouvier Clancy Bouvier Grandmother: Alvarine Bisque Siblings: Patty Bouvier Marge Simpson Arthur Bouvier Ex-husbands: Bob Terwilliger, Lionel Hutz, Troy Mc Clure, Stu Discotheque, Abraham Simpson and Fat Tony Adoptive daughter: Ling Bouvier Nephew: Bart Simpson Nieces: Lisa & Maggie Simpson Brother-in-law: Homer Simpson Selma Bouvier-Terwilliger-Hutz-Mc Clure-Discothèque-Simpson-D'Amico or Selma Bouvier is one of Marge's older chain-smoking twin sisters, who works at the DMV and possess a strong dislike for her brother-in-law, Homer. Selma's favorite film actor was reportedly Troy Mc Clure, to whom she was briefly married before discovering it was just a publicity stunt by Mc Clure.