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Hey, so I have been in Poland for a month now and here is my initial assessment for anyone who wants to come to get the Polish girl experience. - Many Polish girls are indeed very soft, sweet and easy to talk to.

Basically, I used Roosh's book "Bang Poland" as my travel guide and from what I seen, I do concur with most of what he describes. You'll instantly see that they're friendly, flirtatious and would even giggle when you tease them.

One Polish guy even told me that if the girls find out you're from one of those countries, they'll instantly get wet.

So they typically won't stand in the way of you conversating, sharing drinks or dancing. They are all familiar with the phrase "The American Dream" and think that NY is the greatest city in the world. In particular the girls love to be spun around and grind on the dance floor.Part of it is history and just overexposure and influence from those places, which has been mostly negative. - Some of the girls told me about a kind of rift between the girls and the local guys. Going clubbing is almost always fun because many girls go with the mindset that they'll meet or hook up with someone. The Polish guys are kind of weird in that they'll get wasted drunk and literally hurl themselves at girls even while you're in the middle of talking or dancing.Mostly has to do with the girls not wanting to date them because many lack sophistication and class. It's one of the few places I been where I didn't feel like I was interrupting a gathering of close-knit social circles. This can be easily remedied if you turn your back and block them off or move the girl to a less rowdy area. This is a semi-risky approach since some girls might think there's nothing wrong with the local dudes.It is not the Balkan style of the guy standing into your face almost 2 cm from your nose to make you hit him so he will reciprocate. They come ASAP while you talk to a girl and give a direct punch often low in belly.As I have written before the polish punch does not have the power and pushing force of the Russian punch because Poles are not exercised in boxing as Russians usually are.

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Keep in mind that polish girls have romantic views of foreign nationalities(the English gentleman,the Latin dancer,the French gigolo etc). Now the stereotypes after meeting with them tend to transform to the drunk English,the horny Latino,the snobbish French,the crook Greek etc but these changes in beliefs take time.

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