Pre selection dating

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Pre selection dating

When a girl sees that you’re desperate to be with her, she will understand that she already has you – and will not become interested anymore. A dog who follows her around like a loyal bodyguard, but a dog nonetheless. This completely frees up the mind, and lets guys be closer to who they truly are.They become more honest, genuine and authentic when talking to other girls, since they don’t care about pleasing anymore or what the girls think of them!Pre-Selection and Social Proof are two massively important concepts that can help you become significantly more attractive to women, if you learn how to utilize them.So let’s start with the most obvious thing: Yes, having a girlfriend makes guys a great deal more attractive to other women.Preselection basically dictates that if you’ve got value from other women, you’ve got value from any woman.The whole concept is not complicated at all and with a bit of knowledge any man can leverage its power to get laid. It will just help you look more attractive and appealing to other women, similarly to how good looks, a fit body, good fashion sense and fat wallet does.

One of the biggest attraction killers for girls is a guy who is desperate, needy, clingy and displays certain approval-seeking behaviors.

How You Can Use Preselection To Bang More Women In order to leverage the power of preselection you NEED to demonstrate that you are preselected by other women. You need to be a gentleman about it but let it be known that you’ve bashed the panties of other women that are equally or even more attractive than the woman you’re trying to bang now.

I often have people telling me, “I don’t want her to know that I’m a player”.

Something shifted within me after a break-up 5 years ago that inspired me to completely conquer my dating life.

I am going to share a secret later in this post that many women will NEVER admit as being true; a concept that operates on a very sub-conscious level.

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The instant a girl realizes that some guy will do ANYTHING to please her – he’s out – and she’ll never become attracted to him. You will do everything to please her, to have the best possible date, to not scare her off – and that is utterly and completely unattractive to the vast majority of women. Men who are taken act and speak differently when around girls than men who are single – they exude calmness, confidence and they don’t desperately look for sex.