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It makes a great, goopy, rainy-day surprise, perfect for dribbling through texture-curious little fingers.And if those fingers should end up in that little mouth? Colors, textures, a blank slate for creative expression—what's not to love?

"—just like the bunny in the stellar children's book Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. Kids love to pretend to be certain things—favorite TV characters, not surprisingly, are hugely popular, as are "mommy and daddy," animals, and princesses/princes—but nearly half of moms say their kids have come up with some wacky creations of their own.

(Thank you, Elmo.) While every kid's tolerance for solo play is different, Motherboard Moms report that more than half of their preschoolers can sustain solo play for 15 to 30 minutes.

And that's time well spent, says Golinkoff: "The talk that kids engage in during make-believe is directly correlated with how much language kids have a few years later," she notes.

) Michelle Owens, mom to Maya, 2, says that cleaning tools are a no-fail "toy" for her busy toddler.

But she does try to give her a wide berth and is considering buying pint-size versions of the clean-up tools: "Maya's managed to clock both Scott and me on the head with the big broom when she's been 'helping' us clean!

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