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Pros and cons of dating a firefighter

As with any company, their ages run the line from young’ns just starting out in life to those approach retirement. We always know when there is a burning ban or a warning regarding other fire safety issues. Let’s be honest: the fire uniform never really hurt anyone to wear it. He’s also a paramedic which brings some extra bonuses into the home. As a fire instructor, I don’t really know what he could teach us but I’m sure it would be useful. But they always have a smile for the boys and a kind word for me when we stop into the fire department. He always changes our smoke detector batteries when the time changes (like you’re supposed to…

Barry marries Mindy in the season two finale, "The One With Barry and Mindy's Wedding", where Rachel makes an appearance as one of Mindy's bridesmaids.

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In season two, after Rachel finds out Ross is dating Julie, heartbroken and drunk, she has a one night stand with Paolo, but it doesn't amount to anything further than that.

Main Article: Ross and Rachel In "The One With Russ", Rachel dates a man named Russ, who to the bewilderment of her friends looks and acts eerily similar to Ross.

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