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Cons – It’s lonely, especially if you’re not working and the kids are at school or after they have gone to bed.Not everyone has family nearby or friends who understand the situation.

I would even leave it unchanged all day to wait for the man to get home.

Let the children know your boundaries and stick to them.

Keeping rules and boundaries may seem strict and boring but it helps you and them in the long run. If you’re both singing off the same song sheet on at least some of the things then it makes it easier in both households.

Now that isn’t an option (unless I want to wait a whole week!! ) If something goes wrong then it’s down to you to put it right and fix the mess.

And we all know there are way too little hours in the day to successfully fit in all the people you are expected to be.

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You may feel tied to your parenting role and restricted in what you can do.

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