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Quick granny chat on phone

Active labour is likely to take about five hours, and is unlikely to last more than 12 hours.

It may take up to an hour to push your baby out, but often only takes five minutes or 10 minutes.

The first sign that your baby is really on her way will be strong, frequent contractions.

This usually means that you're in active labour, and once you're at this point, your labour will keep going.

Nobody can predict exactly how long your labour will last, but we can give you a rough idea of what to expect during the birth of your baby.

If you're a first-time mum, active labour may take about eight hours.

Other factors can also affect how long your labour lasts.

For example: You may have friends or family members who recall their labours lasting two days or three days.

Although this phase is uncomfortable, it's nothing like as intense as active labour and the second stage.

After your baby is born, you're into the third stage of labour, when the placenta separates from your womb (uterus).

How long this stage could take depends on whether you have a natural or managed third stage.

This is an average, though, and it could be much shorter or longer than that. Once your cervix has dilated to 10cm, it could take you an hour or two hours of pushing before your baby is born.

If you've had a baby before, your labour will probably be far quicker this time around.

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Some babies just can't wait, however, and arrive before the midwife or paramedic!

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