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Radiometric dating accuracy

Back to top Yes, the magnetic field is different in different places.

This is done using satellites, and approximately 200 operating magnetic observatories worldwide, as well as several more temporary sites.It is compressed on the side toward the sun to about 10 Earth radii and is extended tail-like on the side away from the sun to more than 100 Earth radii.The magnetosphere deflects the flow of most solar wind particles around the Earth, while the geomagnetic field lines guide charged particle motion within the magnetosphere.These components may be measured in units of gauss but are generally reported in nano Tesla (1n T * 100,000 = 1 gauss).The Earth's magnetic field intensity is roughly between 25,000 - 65,000 n T (.25 - .65 gauss).

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This portion of the geomagnetic field is often referred to as the Main Field.

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