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There is too much sadness,sickness and pain in this drama....almost all the characters are sad and lonely....amidst all this sadness and hopelessness,the ending came out as a big relief...terrace scene at the end is very similar to the lawn scene in the kdrama “uncontrollably fond” where Kim woo bin passes away while resting his head on Suzy’ s shoulder....but,thankfully, the director here,chose not to kill off the male lead...ending offers proper closure to all the other supporting characters’ story lines as well...of them weren’t the typical kdrama cliched happy endings....but, the endings were appropriate and satisfactory...fond relationship between the grandmother and Lee Dang Woo was heartwarming to watch....veteran actress is a powerhouse performer..... the female lead looks pure and innocent and emotes really well,besides,bearing resemblance to actress Soo Ae...the other actors,too,were quite good....though a little too high on the melodrama and sickness quotient,this drama will keep you interested till the end....so,all in all, a good drama.

I really don't know why the jtbc dramas lack in ratings although having a good story!!!Korean male celebrities are now among the highest-paid actors outside Hollywood.Korean television (comic programs, dramas, news, and other genres) shares some similarity with Japanese television as opposed to American (Western) television.One thing's for sure though, Korean producers are sticking to the age-old recipe of good writing coupled with crafty production and smart casting.This very same formula has made unknowns like Berlin's filmproduktion a household name in the world of soaps and we're pretty sure it will also vault Korean drama to the industry's pinnacle.

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