Rasta dating service

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Rasta dating service

The fourth guy had curly brown hair and brown eyes. The first girl had brown straight hair and hazel brown eyes.He had a goatee on his chin and was wearing brown camo pants, a green shirt that said "Mother Earth Needs You", a green Rasta cap and black converse. She wore short-short, a red long sleeves shirt and black boots. She was holding the hand of a tall guy with curly brown hair, green eyes and a mischievous smile.He was wearing khaki shorts and a plain green v-neck shirt and some black vans.Then, there was a guy that looked exactly like the other one, with the curly brown hair and green eyes and mischievous smile, though he seems a little taller." he exclaimed "And you just beat it in less than 30 minutes! I'm just better than you" I smirked at him as I stood up He stood up as well "NEVER! Percy came out of the kitchen with a plate of blue cookies on his hands. At 7, Sally announced dinner and Percy and I quickly ate so that we could prepare for the party.It was , so we still had an hour and a half before we go to the party, so we decided to watch some T. After dinner, I took a shower and freshened up while Percy ate dessert downstairs.An hour of God of War later, I beat Percy's high score in less than 30 minutes.

I walked to the door and saw Percy's car parked outside, along with other cars.Annabeth surprises her boyfriend by transferring to Goode without him knowing. Anyway, here's the next chapter and I hope you like it. Though, I'm not complaining since he's gonna ask me to help him with his homework tomorrow, then he's not going to listen and I'll scold him, then he'll kiss me and we'll end up having a make out session and then end up doing his homework really late at night.But what will happen when she finds out Percy is considered the hottest guy to walk school grounds and that a lot of girls were after him? Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians Hey guys! Anyway, I just finished my Math homework which means I'm all done.Four people came out from the first car next to Percy's.The first girl looked a little pretty with her electric blue eyes and tanned skin, though she looked kinda punk with her punk style hair, heavily eyelinered eyes, and black clothes.

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I cleaned my things and went down stairs to the living room."Hey" Percy greeted me as I sat down on the sofa"Hey" I greeted back "So, are they coming? Oh, yeah." He answered as he continued with his game."What is that, God of War? " he asked"I've seen Bobby and Mathew play it before.""Oh. " he asked as he offered me the joystick"No, I'm just gonna read"He smirked "You're just too chicken to play"I mocked glared at him "You did not just say that"He smirked "I did just say that"I glared at him more "You're on!

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