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Ray wylie hubbard dating game

Ray Wylie Hubbard can get away with singing about the same subject matter because his songwriting is so damn good.

He’ll tell stories of the low down and downtrodden, and make them sound like superheroes like in “Lucifer and the Fallen Angels” and “Old Wolf.” But these songs don’t come from some strange marvel that Ray Wylie Hubbard has with the evil side of life, they shine a light on how the shades between good and evil are much more subtle than they’re given credit for, and how we’re all simply one decision away from a fall from grace, or a shot at redemption.What a mess this album is, like it was made by a bunch of stinky, sweaty, dried out alcohol bums dolted by delirium tremens, who camped out in a makeshift shack for a studio, using busted gear, bad hand-me-down microphones failing to sweeten the worn-out drones of old strings and second hand skins played a tick off beat, barely adhering to the rules of intonation, and completely out of touch with anything resembling today’s relevant styles.Just the singer himself sounds like he should have cut his losses a quarter century ago and found a profession that better suited him.But that is the strange, inverted, winding road Ray Wylie Hubbard has taken to christening himself a living legend in almost universal acceptance, at least for the folks who’ve heard of him.) Broadcasted with 50Kw (day) and 5,000 watts (night.

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Owner: Mortenson Broadcasting (5/31/2002-present,) Infinity/CBS (3/1996-5/31/2002,) Granum (3/1991-3/1996,) Gillmore (1988-1991.