Rippledating com

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Rippledating com

On-board cameras sense when others look at the user while computer vision determines interest, “building upon our own intuition.” If Ripple feels someone is attracted to the wearer, it uses its tentacles to give a ripple-like effect.

He describes simpler times when more was left to your imagination. Years after leaving home Tammy Lieber visited the rural farm house of her childhood periodically to reflect and rebuild her life.

Tony tells the story of how filming football games got the ball rolling!

By Jonli Keshavarz, Staff Writer // 2,220,300 Americans are behind bars. The mass incarceration of African Americans is not a recent epidemic but rather a historic ripple dating back to the era of American slavery.

Though that’s probably a better start than “Come here often?

” The device also warms up when you make eye contact with your match, which is meant to “help you feel comfortable.” Though in reality if you’re already blushing or sweating from nervousness, a warm set of tentacles is probably the last thing you need to feel relaxed.

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You slide it over your shoulders, and it uses two cameras to sense who’s eyeing you and determine whether they’re interested based on how they look at you.

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