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Please understand, I just want to make sure that you don't get cold. If I act like a harpy, you don't have to like me.If your dress is truly disquieting to me, I might ask my son a few questions about you to better understand your personal style. Respect his individuality the way I expect him to respect yours. There's a thing between a lot of moms and their sons' partners. You can tell me if I'm being overbearing and I'll try to respect you as a couple.That any man or woman will be as comforting, supportive and fiercely loyal to my children as I will be to them.I cannot believe that the person who chooses to date and ultimately marry my son, will be his greatest champion, will be able to forgive his absentmindedness, will be able to see the silver lining in his quirks and jokes.When I look at what the post is really saying, it's just passive-aggressive repetition of the tropes and assumptions that I don't want to include in my parenting.So when I saw a post entitled "Rules for Dating My Son", I felt compelled to respond with the sort of message I do want to pass on.

Now and then, I'll come across a post intended as humor that really bugs me.By the time I was 12 I also had a FRONT-ROW seat to the in-law drama that my mother lamented about on a daily basis.We lived around the corner from my father’s parents ( according to my mother at their behest) and my mother and her mother-in-law to put it mildly DESPISED one another. I lived with my mother, I needed her support and I needed her love and if that meant taking her side against my grandparents- well that was part of my survival.But as the mother of a son, I know I need to do just that.I need to love him enough and completely to let him go.

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I may call the police or your parent(s) if you're breaking the law or a threat to my son's health/wellbeing. If he is not respecting you as an individual, you tell him so. I raised him to treat others with respect and empathy. If he ever fails to treat you with respect and empathy, remind him of his upbringing.