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There is evidence of an advanced stage of metallurgy.There was differentiation of professionals organized within clans.Johanna Nichols has suggested that the ancestors of Eastern Caucasians had been involved in the birth of civilization in the Fertile Crescent.Definitely, at the time the proto-language split, the people had all these concepts very early on.

Earlier finds show that extensive hunting was still practiced.Cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys, pigs and horses were kept.There were shops, where artisans worked on and sold pottery, stone-casting, bone-carving, and stone-carving.Kakheti) in the Trans-Caucasus, which had become by then “Kartlian domain”, after they were defeated.Apparently, Xenophon visited Urartu in 401 BCE, and rather than finding Urartians, he only found pockets of Urartians, surrounded by Armenians.

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